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3 business segments、5 major profit centers

A vertically industrial integrated producer specialized in heparin API

The global supplier of chondroitin sulfate (pharmaceutical grade and dietary supplement grade)


Over the past 20 years, Dongcheng has been deeply involved in the development of the API business, and already becomes a vertically integrated producer specialized in heparin API, the largest global supplier of chondroitin sulfate at the pharmaceutical grade and dietary supplement grade and one of the largest biochemical API production bases in China.


As a leader in the heparin industry, with the rich production experience and strong production capacity, Dongcheng Pharmaceutical continuously strengthens the perfection of heparin industry chain, with a vertically integrated industrial structure to ensure the product quality and traceability.


The company has an excellent qualification certification background: the first Chinese supplier of heparin sodium which passes the MFDS GMP audit by the Korea Food & Drug Administration and the PMDA GMP on-site inspection by Japan, and holds the GMP certificates issued by BGV in Hamburg, Germany and CFDA in China, as well as the CEP certificate issued by EDQM in Europe; also, the company participated in the revisions of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia (2010/2015), European Pharmacopoeia and United States Pharmacopeia concerning the heparin sodium API; the company is also the only supplier of heparin sodium which attended the heparin sodium expert panel meeting held at the USP headquarters in the United States.


As the largest domestic producer of chondroitin sulfate, Dongcheng currently has the largest production capacity in China and the powerful strength in R&D, quality and sales. In 2016, the company acquired Sino Siam Biotechnique Co., Ltd. to further consolidate its leading position in the global chondroitin industry. In terms of qualification and certification: the company is the first chondroitin producer in China which passes the USP-DSIVP certification of the United States; and holds the CEP certificate issued by EDQM in the European Union, and the GMP certificates issued by BGV in Hamburg, Germany, MFDS in Korea, ANVISA in Brazil and CFDA in China. In view of its technological authority in the domestic biochemical industry, the company was invited to participate in the formulation of the product quality standard for chondroitin sulfate sodium in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia (2010/2015 edition).


The company has a well-established global sales network, exports more than 90% of APIs, and sells products to over 40 countries and regions around the world. It has the continuously and stably growing cooperation with the world’s top pharmaceutical companies, and cooperates closely with internationally well-known dietary supplement manufacturers; and also has the good cooperation with prestigious domestic pharmaceutical companies.


Based on the advantages of heparin APIs, expanding towards the downstream preparations

Enhancing the core competitive power of the anticoagulation market segment

Build a preparation brand well-known at home and abroad 


In 2013, the board of directors of the company put forward the development strategy of “endogenous growth and extensive expansion”, which required to expand towards the new business of preparations based on the the advantages of heparin APIs. In just nine months, Dongcheng Biopharmaceutical Industrial Park as the platform for developing the preparation business rose up straight from the grounds and laid a solid foundation for the improvement of the company’s core competitive power.


At present, the preparation sector has two wholly-owned subsidiaries under the “industrial park”, namely Dongcheng Beifang and Dongcheng Dayang, which mainly produce lyophilized powder injections, hard capsules, tablets, granules and drilling pills, and cover the therapeutic areas such as cardiovascular, anti-tumor, urology, orthopedics and anti-infection. The anticoagulation product “Bailishu” nadroparin calcium for injection is the only powder injection and small dose of low-molecular calcium heparin in China. In 2019, its sales revenue exceeded RMB600 million and became the leading brand in the anticoagulation segment.


The company’s preparation business sector will be based on the advantages of heparin APIs, continuously expand towards the downstream preparations, constantly enhance core competitive power on the anticoagulation niche market, and build a preparation brand well-known at home and abroad.




Fast track to the Chinese market

Experienced partners


       Ever since 2014, Dongcheng Pharmaceutical entered the nuclide drug industry with high technological barriers and growth potential, successively acquired Chengdu Yunke Pharmaceutical, Shanghai Yitai Pharmaceutical and GMS (China), and completed the company’s entire industry chain deployment from diagnostic nuclide drugs to therapeutic nuclide drugs. In 2017, Dongcheng Pharmaceutical acquires 100% of shares of Nanjing AMS Electronic Development Research Co., Ltd. This further consolidated the company’s leading position in the field of nuclide drugs in China and made it a leading enterprise that can provide the total nuclear medicine solution in the Chinese market.


      The nuclide drug sector of Dongcheng Pharmaceutical has subsidiaries or branches in dozens of cities throughout the country. It is dedicated to the production and sales, equipment supply, technology research and consulting, after-sales service of related products in the nuclear medicine field, and provides the all-around nuclear medicine solutions for medical institutions. Chengdu Yunke Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. controlled by Dongcheng Pharmaceutical is the first enterprise in China that passes the GMP certification in the field of nuclear medicine, and its main product “Yunke Injection” is the first nuclide drug independently developed in China for the clinical therapy with RA and was awarded the national invention patent; Dongcheng GMS, the largest producer and distributor of SPECT drugs in China, owns iodine [125I] sealed seed source, a tumor brachytherapy product, and urea [14C] capsule, a product for clinical diagnosis of HP infection; Dongcheng AMS is the largest producer and distributor of PET drugs in China, and also a total solution provider of the most specialized cyclotron system in China. Shanghai Yitai Pharmaceutical has the only clinical stage IIb 1.1 therapeutic nuclide drug in China, rhenium [188Re] etidronate injection, for the treatment of malignant tumor bone metastases.MITRO Biotech Co., Ltd. is a molecular imaging contract research organization (MI-CRO) company in China. It’s Core technology of molecular imaging has outstanding advantages such as in vivo imaging, dynamic quantification, self-control, continuous observation, etc., which can help pharmaceutical enterprises greatly shorten the drug R & D cycle, reduce the risk of failure, and accelerate the listing of new drugs.


      Dongcheng Pharmaceutical, with the nuclide drug as the new core competitive power, constantly takes advantage of the capital market, concentrates the advantageous resources of the company, integrates the nuclide drug industry, and builds a full value chain industry platform of the nuclide drug with the development ideas of “setting foot in the upstream, integrating the downstream and deployment at the frontier”.


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