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The group successfully held the fourth quarter of 2019 operation management meeting and year-end summary meeting

2020-11-12 15:07

From January 9th to 10th, 2020, the Group successfully held the fourth quarter operation management meeting and year-end summary meeting of "Chasing the New Era of Dreams and Forging a New Journey-One Heart, One Direction, and One Side" at the Yantai headquarters. The meeting summarized the Group's 2019 operating performance and the completion of various work objectives, and deployed key tasks in 2020. The signing ceremony of the 2020 profit target responsibility letter and safety target responsibility letter was held. Group chairman, general manager, heads of profit centers and innovation research institutes attended the meeting.

The general manager of the group and each profit center, and the vice president of the Innovation Research Institute respectively reported on the completion of the performance in 2019, and also looked forward to the work in 2020.

In order to strengthen the safety management awareness of the safety management personnel in each center and do a good job in safety management, an EHS work management meeting was held during the meeting. The general manager of each profit center reported on the safety management work, and at the same time arranged training on the theme of "Safety Production Law Overview and Safety Management Responsibilities", and conducted in-class exams for participants.

Xin Hongbo, general manager of the group, made a work summary report on behalf of the company's management team. In 2019, the group successfully completed various business objectives and won widespread social praise and industry recognition. In 2020, on the basis of stabilizing traditional businesses and strengthening emerging businesses, the Group will strengthen research and development, emphasize technology, and reduce costs; strengthen government affairs, emphasize academics, and promote marketing reforms.

In the concluding speech, Chairman Shouyi highly affirmed the outstanding achievements of the group management team led by General Manager Xin Hongbo. Regarding the work in 2020, the chairman has three opinions: first, integration and tolerance. Enterprises and employees, between employees and employees, must integrate and cooperate, work in the same direction, learn from each other's strengths, and let the enterprise have stronger vitality; second, be positive and keep the mission in mind. Be a vigorous and positive team; third, be brave to fight and live up to your youth. I hope that all employees can work hard, spend their time and show the splendor of their careers. Finally, the chairman encouraged everyone to be down-to-earth and do what they should do well under the guidance of the group's overall goals. I hope everyone will have a better performance in 2020.

The future has come, and it will never be idle. In the grand ambition of building a "global heparin expert and a leading Chinese nuclear medicine company", all Dongcheng people will continue to "walk together in one heart and one direction", with enthusiasm and entrepreneurial attitude, to pursue a new era of dreams and forge a new journey!



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