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Joint Together,Rescue Wuhan ——Employees from Dongcheng Pharmaceutical donating around 450,000 yuan to Wuhan

2020-02-10 10:55

Since the outbreak of new corona virus epidemic, the sons and daughters of the Chinese nation, strive with one heart; dedicate themselves to battle against the new corona virus epidemic. In order to fully support the prevention work of epidemic in Hubei, on Jan 27th, Dongcheng Pharmaceutical Group issued a donation initiative named “Joint together, Rescue Wuhan”, calling on all the staff to carry on the spirit of great love and mutual help from the community, work together to overcome the difficulties, and contribute their love to the people in the first line of epidemic prevention and control in Wuhan and bridge over the difficulties together with them. After the initiative was issued, all the staff rushed to donate money to help Wuhan with practical actions to fight against the epidemic


By February 8, the employee's donation has reached more than 450,000 yuan, which has been received by Yantai Red Cross Society and then transferred to Wuhan. The Red Cross Society of Yantai gave high praise to the company and its employees for their active participation in fighting against the epidemic and spreading the positive energy.


Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Dongcheng Pharmaceutical group has earnestly fulfilled its social responsibility as a listed pharmaceutical enterprise, and actively carried out various assistance activities. Employees of the group donated more than 450,000 yuan spontaneously.





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